Published on Facebook February 2015, Lori Sugarman, M.Ed, CCHT

Jerry Farber is often called the King of Atlanta Comedy but I call him the Teaching King of Comedy. Turning a wishful dream into stage reality came true after taking Jerry’s Stand-up Comedy class for the Mortified Beginner. Sitting backstage two minutes before my walk- on debut, I clutched my head in hands and thought what the hell have I gotten myself into? Public speaking or performing follows the same motto as a laughter yoga group- “fake it until you feel it” -so

I walked out on stage strutting with confidence to a metronome on steroids heartbeat. When the first laugh howled back from the audience, it transformed my heart like smooth melted butter and the exuberance of being surrounded by audience laughter coated every fiber of my mortified being with deep satisfaction and relaxation.

No matter the form, shape or flavor in which laughter floats into your world, we all know the exuberance a hearty laugh creates. From the bottom of our guffawing ribs, we so hope you can make time and space to join us the weekend of April 24-25 in Atlanta for a rib roaring experience!