For Immediate Release:  AHR Web TV Series "In the Guest Room" With Joshua Farber joshfarber sm

Worldwide Broadcast ~ Special Event ~ Sat. Nights  LIVE From Atlanta Ga. 
Launch Date: March 28, 2015 at 6:00 pm EST on American Hearts Radio.

Fourteen-year-old boys often have a room. How many have a live Web TV / Radio show called "In The Guest Room?" 

Joshua Farber is from a family in the business of talking. His uncle Barry Farber was recently inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. For sixty years Barry has hosted several talk shows based in New York City, and now has a nightly syndicated program, 

The Barry Farber Show on CRN Digital Talk Radio. Joshua’s dad, Jerry Farber, owner of Jerry Farber’s Side Door in Buckhead, has been an Atlanta entertainment celebrity for over fifty years. “Even when Josh was a grade-schooler he’d ask insightful questions of my adult friends,” Jerry says. “It’s a natural for him to host a show conversing with adults about the significant concerns of our time, and to add some humor along the way.” 

Joshua Farber plans to discuss issues relevant to those his age, and indeed, for all age-groups. “I’m intrigued to discuss important topics with such interesting, exceptional, and charismatic people.” Josh says. “It’s a fantastic opportunity and I’m grateful be a part of it.” 

Mike Aloia, the CEO of American Hearts Radio, is enthusiastic about the show. “We were immediately impressed with Josh’s poise and passion. We believe in our youngest live radio talk show host and what he’ll bring to our network,” Mike said.