By April Norris in "The Local", Columbus

You have to come to dinner to meet this guy Jerry Farber,"

a friend says to me. We meet at a local favorite because I was told that he 1s a comedy veteran of 50 years, had fallen in love with Columbus, and I had never heard of him, How does that happen? I watch, read and listen to all things comedy, so I was certain I would at least recognize him from his career. After a quick Google search, I still didn1' know him. Upon arrival it was clear why my friend needed for others to soak up Jerry's wisdom. In one evening I learned that he was 77 with the mind of a 40-year-old (or younger I was doing a set at No Shame Theater, and he could charm me into doing five minutes of stand-up. Last month I was fortunate enough to attend Jerry's 80th birthday party at The Loft's comedy night, where he did an hour set proving to us all that he can still work a room.

I watched him walk around, give people his full attention when he met them, and leave on a high note or one-liner with a great to see you again or nice to meet ya·. Twenty minutes into his set, those same people were in the s how. The soldier he'd met just before taking stage was now being asked if he remembered picking up those hookers with him •that one time: He honors his audience with jokes at their expense without hurting any feelings. His jokes land with a Jab, but Jerry quickly throws a blanket of laughter around the crowd to make them feel better about what he considered a very troubled world, one more in need of laughter now than ever. He told me that most people don't pay to feel un-comfortable, so he tries to bring a spirit of service to his audience-and by audience, I mean anyone he's talking to. Jerry is always on.

“Most comedians' art comes from an insecurity, a need to make strangers happy,” Jerry said. He does admit, however, that the art of comedy is also about self-expression, and when done with love can be healing to everyone in the room. And with Jerry, this .art seems to have no shelf life.

Jerry is a classically trained pianist and began his performing career playing piano in bars. Piano-bars used to be much more popular than they are today, he said. He found that people would drink they would become belligerent, so he started filling the space with jokes. This gift of defense led to a long career as a stand-up comedian).  He moved to Columbus from Atlanta because the city had exhausted him for many reasons, and much to his delight, he found more work at a pace that will allow him to tell jokes past the century mark. If you’re lucky you can sit around the piano at MaBella's on certain Saturday nights while he entertains you with the perfect tune, stops to tell some half-true story finished with an unexpected punchline.

Jerry Farber is proof that you can work your entire life and continue to hone your craft, provided you keep your mind active.

Jerry is also very spiritual. He studied the Old Testament, the Talmud and has a regular practice of Buddhist meditation. All of this makes him more hilarious as he walks through The Loft surrounded by five beautiful women while young men do a double take. Two young men at the bar, who were distracted from a game on TV by Jerry's entourage, gave the classic “who the hell is this guy?' look Jerry leaned to the ear of one of the young men and said, “stay asleep, boys; cause I am wide awake.”

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In 1989, Atlanta comedian Jerry Farber did a very avant-garde thing. He opened the first non-smoking comedy club in United States. Ted Turner showed up with a cigar because he thought it was a joke.

Farber’s dedication to non-smoking venues and comedy, however, never wavered. At 77, he’s celebrating 55 years in comedy.

“I don’t pose in muscle magazines anymore,” Farber said in an interview with Lois Reitzes.

Farber said it was his parents’ laughter that inspired him to become a comedian: “They would have a party, and I’d hear people laughing. I thought, what a good sound.”

When he actually told his parents that he wanted to be a comedian, they though it was a bad idea.

“Performance, it’s worked at a smaller level than say Jerry Seinfeld’s career,” Farber said. “It’s my career, and I’ve always done this and am looking forward to continuing.”

His comedy club at Landmark Diner, Jerry Farber’s Side Door, recently closed and the Punchline Comedy Club will now use the space. Farber continues to tour, however, and also hopes to open a yoga studio targeted toward elderly Jewish woman called “Stretch and Kvetch.”

One of his friends made a short documentary about his life as an older comedian on the road. It’s called “Jerry-atric: One Comic’s 77-Year Climb to the Top of the Bottom” and will premiere at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival in 2016.

Farber said that he often faces age discrimination at clubs.

“I get dissed when I go on and there’s a young crowd. And as soon as they laugh a couple times, I can feel them looking at me and wrinkles would disappear because they are there to laugh, not to judge,” Farber said. “When I’m 88 I might have a different take.”

Farber be headlining at the Atlanta Comedy Theater in Norcross from Wednesday, November 25 to Saturday, November 28.

January 2016 Media contact: Leanna Adams

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Only one film at Atlanta Jewish Film Festival features an Atlantan - 77-year-old comedian Jerry FarberJerryatric LaurelCardWithBleed

ATLANTA – An unlikely friendship formed between actress-turned-filmmaker Leanna Adams, 36 and Atlanta comedy legend Jerry Farber, 77.

“Jerry is one of the few elders in the industry genuinely interested in helping young comedians get ahead,” Adams says. 

“He’s had a transformative influence on me, always pushing me to do more to get where I want to be with my career,” she adds.  As a tribute, she decided to direct and produce her first documentary film to tell his story.

punchlineA stand-up switcheroo may resurrect the historic Punchline Comedy Club at Buckhead’s Landmark Diner.

In turn, Atlanta comedy legend Jerry Farber’s Side Door club would move from the diner, where it occupies a side room, to a new Buckhead or Sandy Springs spot.

Everyone involved differs on how close the Landmark is to becoming the new home of the Punchline, which shuttered its Sandy Springs doors in April after 33 years of hosting top stars. Farber said he suggested the comedy swap and is hopeful the deal will happen as a rare moment of club camaraderie.

For Immediate Release:  AHR Web TV Series "In the Guest Room" With Joshua Farber joshfarber sm

Worldwide Broadcast ~ Special Event ~ Sat. Nights  LIVE From Atlanta Ga. 
Launch Date: March 28, 2015 at 6:00 pm EST on American Hearts Radio.

Fourteen-year-old boys often have a room. How many have a live Web TV / Radio show called "In The Guest Room?" 

Joshua Farber is from a family in the business of talking. His uncle Barry Farber was recently inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. For sixty years Barry has hosted several talk shows based in New York City, and now has a nightly syndicated program, 

THE JEWISH GEORGIAN January-February 2015

Atlanta native Debra Berger is the new Georgia state director for the Humane Society of the United States. HSUS (, the nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization, recently celebrated 60 years of advocacy. Debra has been a volunteer with HSUS for many years and is enthusiastic about the opportunity to continue working with other advocates to reduce animal suffering in Georgia.

Those of us who have known and worked with Debra over the years know that HSUS could not have found a better person to head up its Georgia activities. She is married to psychologist Joe Berger, whom we could use over here at the JG to help us recover from all the holiday stress.

Published on Facebook February 2015, Lori Sugarman, M.Ed, CCHT

Jerry Farber is often called the King of Atlanta Comedy but I call him the Teaching King of Comedy. Turning a wishful dream into stage reality came true after taking Jerry’s Stand-up Comedy class for the Mortified Beginner. Sitting backstage two minutes before my walk- on debut, I clutched my head in hands and thought what the hell have I gotten myself into? Public speaking or performing follows the same motto as a laughter yoga group- “fake it until you feel it” -so

I walked out on stage strutting with confidence to a metronome on steroids heartbeat. When the first laugh howled back from the audience, it transformed my heart like smooth melted butter and the exuberance of being surrounded by audience laughter coated every fiber of my mortified being with deep satisfaction and relaxation.

No matter the form, shape or flavor in which laughter floats into your world, we all know the exuberance a hearty laugh creates. From the bottom of our guffawing ribs, we so hope you can make time and space to join us the weekend of April 24-25 in Atlanta for a rib roaring experience!

Pianist/comedian Jerry Farber to headline year's first Savannah Comedy Review

Posted: January 1, 2015 - 12:17am
By Linda Sickler Still funny after all these years

Comedian Jerry Farber is about to turn 77, but he’s not slowing down — he’s speeding up.

On Jan. 2, Farber will headline the Savannah Comedy Revue. Opening for him will be Kristi Leigh Snyder, an actress, singer, stand-up comedian and nutrition educator based in Atlanta.

“This will be the second time I’ve performed as the headliner in Savannah,” Farber says. “But I’ve been in that room more times than that.

“I’m always delighted to be invited back and even more surprised,” he says. “It is in one of the better venues in the Southeast.”

by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., August 20, 2014 02:26 PM

Atlanta’s comedy star may be on the rise, based on the recent attention the city has received from the national comedy community. Aug. 10, Atlanta hosted a stop on the Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival tour at Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood in south Fulton County.

The event, presented by Funny or Die, featured such acts as Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari, Brent Morin, Chris Hardwick and other talented comedians. The tour has 21 stops across the nation.

In April, Atlanta was ranked third behind Chicago and Boston, respectively, in the America’s Funniest Cities list created by the Humor Research Lab located at the University of Colorado in Boulder. The lab created an algorithm based on frequency of humor site visits, comedy clubs per square mile and number of famous comedians.

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Long-time Atlanta comedian Jerry Farber entertains the crowd at his latest nightclub in Buckhead, which provides a venue for young musicians and comedians looking to practice and perform.

Jerry Farber loves to try new things.

The veteran Atlanta comedian has tried to bring something new to the city’s scene with his Buckhead club, Jerry Farber’s Side Door.

“There are 168 nightclubs in Atlanta. I was trying to not be just the same old thing. It’s music and comedy,” Farber said. “None of them combine the music and the comedy. That’s what Farber’s is. We encourage acts, at the beginning, middle and end of their careers.”

The club, located at the Landmark Diner on Roswell Road, opened its doors at the beginning of the year.

Farber said he enjoys providing a space for young musicians and comedians to play in front of an audience. He said when he was first starting in comedy, it was hard to find a place to perform, so he practiced a lot in front of the mirror and for friends.